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DHHP - Synergy ceramic hot plate


The Synergy range of Heated ceramic glass top displays designed to be dropped into a counter surface to form a food servery. Five sizes in the range GN1/1 size depth, slimline allowing hot cupboards to be fitted under if required. Each display is self-contained and easily installed.

Model No: DHHP2 – 2 x GN1/1 size
Model No: DHHP3 – 3 x GN1/1 size *
Model No: DHHP4 – 4 x GN1/1 size *
Model No: DHHP5 – 5 x GN1/1 size *
Model No: DHHP6 – 6 x GN1/1 size

*These Items are Available from stock for next day despatch

For front mounted controls add C to end of Part Number

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