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SSHBD - Synergy SQ dry heat bains marie 150mm deep


The Synergy range of Heated Refrigerated and Ambient displays designed to be dropped into a counter surface to form a food servery. Each Synergy display is self-contained and easily installed. Synergy displays complement each other in both style and profile. They are constructed using satin finish stainless steel surrounds bright polished gantries and toughened glass sneeze screens.
Model No: SSHBD2 – 2 x GN1/1 size
Model No: SSHBD3 – 3 x GN1/1 size
Model No: SSHBD4 – 4 x GN1/1 size
Model No: SSHBD5 – 5 x GN1/1 size
Model No: SSHBD6 – 6 x GN1/1 size
For front mounted controls add C to end of Part Number

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