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TR19 Ductwork Cleaning

TR19 is a standard defined by the HVCA as a way to standardise duct and kitchen extract cleaning systems. It has now become the standard to which most insurers and building engineering service sectors stick to when performing ductwork cleaning operations. Insurance companies will only provide insurance to businesses if they have a certificate of duct cleanliness which states that the ducts have been cleaned to this standard.

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DCE adhere to the BESA TR19 Guide to Good Practice which recommends the regular specialist cleaning of the kitchen extract systems based on usage. Our team of experts can come to your site, inspect your ductworks and thoroughly clean them to BESA TR19 standards. We provide a full inspection and inform you of what needs cleaning, how long it will take and even advise you on how regularly you should have them cleaned in future.

After DCE have performed your TR19 Ductwork Cleaning we provide you with a full report and certificate to prove your ductwork has been cleaned, this can then be used to provide proof of cleanliness and adherence to the guideline to insurers. If you want to find out more about our TR19 Ductwork Cleaning services, or arrange a free quote, contact us today.

While specialist inspections and cleanings need to be done to get a more accurate estimation of how often your ducts need cleaning, the average recommended cleaning intervals are as follows:

• Heavy use (around 12-16 hours a day): Every 3 months
• Moderate use (around 6-12 hours a day): Every 6 months
• Light use (around 2-6 hours a day): Every 12 months

DCE Commercial TR19 Ductwork Cleaning

DCE Commercial

Health & Safety

DCE Engineers have Gas Safe, NICEIC and REFCOM accreditations which covers all of the gas, electrical and refrigerated appliances in school/commercial kitchens and domestic science/food technology rooms. All our fully trained and experience engineers also apply the BS4163:2014 standard which is the Code of Practice for Health and Safety for Design Technology in schools.

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The benefits of regular TR19 Ductwork Cleans:

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